Looking through the jewelry box at the same old pieces can be depressing. If even the jewelry for special occasions appears lackluster, it is time to go through all those pieces, donate the ones never worn, and get some new jewelry. This process can be completed all at once if the right website is found. Instead of building the collection piece by piece, order jewelry from a new designer and save money.

Many New Websites

These days, independent designers set up websites and display their unique and innovative creations online. The pricing is excellent because the items are coming directly from the designer. There is no department or jewelry store markup to pay, so it is affordable to get several pieces at once. Shopping this way also saves money as shipping is typically free after a certain dollar amount is reached.

The choices are virtually endless because there are hundreds of new designers hoping for exposure. Websites are cost-effective to operate, so designers can promote their brands and attract customers. The best part is the new pieces will stand out from the department store costume jewelry that everyone else is still wearing. Be the first person in the neighborhood to wear the new trends, bold modern twists on classic pieces, and creative interpretations of materials and styles.

Finding These Websites

Selecting specific keywords is an essential component of finding new designer websites. Entering new jewelry designers will provide far too many results to be practical. Add the state or nearest large city to the keywords to narrow down the initial number of websites. If you happen to be on social media, ask people if they have any suggestions. One new designer website, for example, is Collections include jewelry for kids, teens, women, and men. Sale items, accessories, and a section for fine jewelry are also available.


Be Prepared to Browse

To get a complete overview of what is offered, be prepared to browse through more sites than normal. The most creative and affordably priced items may not be found on that first page. The time will be well worth it when there is a website or two that offers exactly what is desired. Be sure to bookmark the sites preferred for future reference. Start with and proceed from there.